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Ring ceremony

Ring ceremony

Ring ceremonyRing ceremony, also called engagement ceremonies, is a very important ritual or ceremony in Hinduism in which the bride and groom wear each other’s ring in front of all the people. This tradition has been going on since the Vedic era.  In this tradition, when the bride and groom wear rings to each other, the groom’s family and the bride’s family include each other in their family and the bride’s family allows their daughter to join the groom’s family.Also, the groom’s family takes responsibility for himself that he will always take care of the bride and will be responsible for every event of the future. and will always keep her happy.This engagement ceremony is celebrated with great pomp in almost every religion and caste of India. In almost every society, the engagement ceremony is celebrated so that there is no problem in marriage and the bride is always happy. People have been celebrating the engagement ceremony since ancient times.So, here is a list of religion that how they arrange ring or engagement ceremony.


Like other castes in India, Muslim caste people marry and follow their old customs. People of Muslim society consider the marriage program after full devotion and like Allah’s command. In Hindus, which is called the engagement ceremony, this engagement ceremony is called ‘Mangani’ in Islamic weddings and the day before the wedding is the ritual of Muslim society, the istikara, and the imam-Zameen is completed.And in the ceremony of Mangni, the groom who means that the whole family members of the groom go to the bride’s house with sweets, clothes, and fruit flowers. And the clothes and ornaments the bride wears at the wedding are all given by the groom’s family. In olden times, the rings of a trust breaker, whose name is a yugal vinimay, the ‘challah’ are made and all the people gather together and confirm their intention.

Christian ring ceremony

The wedding program that takes place in Christianity is completely different from the engagement ceremonies of other societies. In Christianity, there is a wedding ceremony and reception that completes all these things in one day. The Christian wedding is only one day. When there is an engagement program in Christianity, it calls only close friends and family of the bride and groom. In this, the bride and groom wear very beautiful rings in each other’s fingers and after wearing the ring a small party is organized. Information about marriage and other rituals is recited in the surrounding church. After wearing the ring, the bride and groom become each other.ring ceremony in chandigarh


The Hindu engagement ceremony is considered to be the most divine. The rituals of marriage and engagement in Hinduism vary from state to state. But usually in Hindu society at the time of engagement the bride and groom wear each other rings and take blessings of the elderly

Kashmiri pandits

In Kashmiri Pandits the engagement ceremonies are called Kasamdi. The date on which these engagement ceremonies are held is fixed according to the calendar of Kashmiri and Kashmiri Pandits. On the day after the date, the bride and groom’s family together perform this ritual together. Then the bride’s family is fed Kashmiri food to the groom’s family. After this, in the house of both, an elderly woman makes pudding and feeds it to the bride and groom and this pudding is distributed among the family members. After all, the bride and groom wear a distant ring in front of God in the temple.ring ceremony in chadigarh


Indian ring ceremonyIn the Punjabi’s the ring ceremony is known as the kurmai. The engagement ceremony is done before one day from marriage. This event is held in Punjabi;s gurudwara and the family of the bride gives clothes, fruits and many other things to the groom’s family. And later the father of the bride give a Kada to the grooms and finally the have langar (dinner).

Engagement ceremony event

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