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Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

All of you must know that all the festivals in our great country India celebrated with great pomp. But here, we will discuss an extraordinary ceremony at the wedding, which is mehndi. Mehndi Ceremony are the first done before the wedding, in which very beautiful mehndi applied in the hands of the bride and groom. When henna applied to the bride, the name groom means the husband hidden in the design of that mehndi and the same done in henna of the groom. When application of mehndi made in hands of the groom, she is not going outside of its house.

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History of mehndi –

Mehndi Ceremony-min

Mehndi ceremony has been going on since ancient times. The word Mehndi derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’. Since ancient times, people have been performing Mehendi ceremony rituals at their wedding. Mehndi of made from a plant called ‘henna,’ and for this reason, mehndi is also called henna. Mehndi has been used since ancient times to make beauty products, and in the Bible, henna is called camphire.

In the olden times,
there was a prophet Muhammad who was known for coloring beard henna, as well as
he used to do a lot of work with it. There was a very famous queen, whose name
was Cleopatra, she uses mehndi to paint her entire body, and due to this, the
queen was very memorable. Mehndi counted as a significant part of 16 adornments
in Hinduism. The beauty of whoever applies henna has a distinct elegance.


The ritual of applying mehndi has been going on since ancient times. If the mehndi ceremony of not performed at a wedding, then it is considered a bad omen, in which there is a possibility of something terrible happening or some lousy event in the marriage. Mehndi applied to the bride and groom just before the wedding. Mehndi is considered an essential part of 16 adornments. And Mehndi is preferred not only in Hinduism but also in Muslim religion because Prophet Muhammad used Mehndi to dye his beard in the very old. Along with the country of India,Mehndi also performed in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh.

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Importance of mehndi

Mehndi Ceremony in chandigarh

Mehndi rituals have played at our weddings since ancient times. Mehndi performed as an omen in marriage. Mehndi meant for the pure love of the bride and groom and the happiness of the family. Along with increasing beauty in mehndi, there are many medicinal properties. The plant of henna which helps in enhancing the nails. There is a coolness inside the henna, which allows the bride and groom to recover from stress, headache, and fever. Mehndi ends the wedding stress that remains on the bride and groom.There are some very remarkable facts which are related to mehndi.

● The longer the color of henna will be on the hands, the more happiness and love will increase between husband and wife.

● The color of henna also reflects the understanding and love between the bride and her mother-in-law.

● And it is also said that the darker color of henna, deeper love will be between husband and wife.


The Mehndi function is a bright, melodic, and vivacious festival. Various families have various traditions at the wedding. It is held a day before the wedding, and like we recently stated. It is an event for the two gatherings (bride and groom) to have a great time, blended in with the typical moving and devouring.

In the many-sided structure of the bride’s mehndi, the groom’s name or his initials additionally covered up. Some brides these days, decided to brandish it very obvious in the front. A few customs additionally have it that during the post-wedding services, the groom needs to discover his initials in the bride’s mehndi embellished hands. That is a fun ice-breaking game for the couple, which additionally causes them to build up some closeness.

Mehndi Ceremony

Design of Mehndi

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony designs used in earlier times are becoming famous today. There are a lot of different mehndi designs here, but Arabic and Rajasthani mehndi are the most memorable. And nowadays, Mehndi is started in almost every event. Today’s mehndi designer and artist-designed beautiful and unique mehndi which increases the beauty of the bride and